Certain classic dishes are associated with specific destinations worldwide. Cuisine in Calgary is subjective, and there are many dishes in the city’s eating scene for which one might make a strong argument. However, the following dishes are essential to Calgary’s culinary culture and are part of the city’s fantastic dining scene.

Ginger steak 

In Calgary and most of Canada, ginger beef is a mainstay on Chinese restaurant menus; you’d be hard-pressed to locate it anywhere. There’s a reason it’s so popular: A good batch has just the right amount of batter to meat and a balance of sweet and savory sauce that enhances rather than overpowers the dish.

George Wong, a Hong Kong native who moved to Calgary in the 1970s, created the original recipe. It involved dredging tender beef strips in batter and smothering them in chili sauce to provide a delightfully crispy finish. Soon, news about Wong’s creation began to circulate. Even if the original recipe is no longer available, there are still many locations in Calgary where you can buy some ginger beef.

Calgary wings 

The versatility of chicken wings in Calgary is immense. You can enjoy a different flavor profile, whether hot, spicy, sweet, sticky, acidic, or savory. Their adaptability renders them ideal for an extensive array of events, including sophisticated dinner parties and game-day get-togethers. With this Calgary Wing Night Map, you will discover a treasure trove of authentic wings.

The number of wings you get can determine whether they serve as a meal or a snack. Chicken wings can be a snack or a main meal, which is one of the main reasons they are so popular. You can also customize the flavors of the wings you order.

Alberta beef 

Although beef does not originate in Alberta, it is among the province’s most well-known dishes. The city, commonly referred to as Cow Town, is the ideal place to indulge in a properly cooked steak because Alberta beef is renowned worldwide for its unmatched flavor and quality. 

It is also believed that beef is one of Alberta’s Seven Signature Foods, along with bison, root vegetables, canola, honey, Saskatoon berries, and Red Fife wheat. Alberta has a long history of ranching, and the care these committed people provide their cattle is the first step towards producing high-quality beef.

Red Fife Wheat 

This was the original variety of wheat grown in Canada, particularly in dry Alberta. Red Fife Wheat has recently gained popularity and is credited with preventing the pioneers from going hungry. The best bakeries and eateries in Alberta serve Red Fife Wheat on their menus. Look for it in croissants, baguettes, sourdough loaves, and other baked goods.

Root vegetables 

Alberta produces sweeter potatoes, turnips, carrots, beets, and parsnips. Its chilly evenings stop photosynthesis, causing the plants’ roots to store glucose. They are a creative partner for Calgary chefs. Savour roasted vegetable medleys, delectable salads of fresh beetroot and goat cheese, and vibrant braised variations of carrots and potatoes in every form.

Final word

Now that you know about Calgary’s distinctive foods, you can dine like a native.

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