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How to Keep Your House Functional All Year

Keeping your house functional all day long is absolutely mandatory. That said, as a newbie homeowner, you should know that homeownership is all about taking responsibility for one’s property.

When you were renting a house or an apartment, it was the owner’s job to ensure home maintenance; however, now, you will want to roll up your sleeves and assess the house at least twice or three times annually – ideally – before the change of every season, to ensure that your house is in perfect order.

For instance, you might want to ensure that the pipes in the house are insulated as a way to prevent frozen pipes. If you find no water in the pipes, you will want to opt for the nearest plumbing services to fix the issue and prevent further damage to the house.

As a newbie homeowner, you will want to look out for the following things to ensure that your house is in the perfect condition so that you can spend the winter season uninterruptedly at home.

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Inspect the Roof

Don’t be like most homeowners who take care of the interior living space and keep ignoring the outdoor space, especially the roof. When it comes to roof inspection, you will want to assess the roof at least twice a year: once before the spring season and once before the harsh winter kicks in.

When inspecting the roof, you will want to look out for missing shingles and broken tiles. Better have them fixed right away before the harsh weather causes more damage to the roof. If you have never climbed up the roof before, you will want to avail the services of a professional roofing man,

Or, if you have a drone, you can fly the drone over the roof of your house while staying on the ground. If you detect any sign of damage, get the roof fixed right away.

Clean the Gutters

Before the snow starts to fall or the winter storms set in, you will want to clean the gutters and remove any leaves and debris that might have accumulated in the gutters over time. This way, you will not only prevent clogged pipes, but you will also ensure that the water flows away from the roof instead of damaging the roof and the foundation of your house.

Assess the Water Heater

You need warm water in the winter more than ever, which is why you will want to inspect the water heater and ensure that everything is running smoothly. When it comes to the tell-tale signs that the water heater is deteriorating, you will want to look out for no hot water coming from the faucets.

You will also want to opt for the repair of water heaters if you detect discolored water coming out of the faucets. Check the water heater for leaks, as this is just another sign that you need to fix or replace the water heater. Temperature fluctuations in the shower can also indicate that the water heater is going bad. However, it might also be an indicator that you need to replace the shower head.

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